May 10, 2012

Endospore Typos

I know there is a lot of them. I really do.

Do you know what the real difference is between an indie book and a New York published book? Editing. That's the main thing. Editing. As an indie publisher, it is cost prohibitive to get good copy editing done. Practically no author can edit themselves. You know what it is supposed to say, so if you don't catch it on the first read through, you usually won't because you are reading as much from memory as from the page.

I am working toward getting this done, however. Every bit of revenue coming in from my books is going to the cost of getting ENDOSPORE copy edited, which will fix all of the typos. It is coming, but I don't really know when. When it is ready, it will replace the current copy, and Amazon will email all of those with a copy to get the new one. The cool thing is, I can get some high profile reviews done afterward. That will help so many more people discover what all of my faithfuls out there already know.

So here is what you can do to help. Tell everyone you can about ENDOSPORE, about how much you enjoyed it and that you recommend it to them. It is true that nothing helps book sales more than good word of mouth from one friend to another. What is paid goes back into the book to make it the most perfect version of itself.

Again, thanks to all of you out there for the support you have shown. It is quite humbling that my words have become a part of your lives.

Happy reading
--R. A. Wilson

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