Oct 9, 2012

A quick update for you. Yes you! Not the other people reading this. Just you.

Sorry the updates have slowed down a lot. Most of my time has been stolen greedily by the acoursed day job! Dun, dun, dun. I'm working so much that I must be insane on a technical level, especially considering I'm salery and get no extra pay for the hours upon hours of extra work. That's the way it goes though.

HOWEVER, this does not mean I am not writing (it does mean it is going slower than I like). I am working on two different projects right now. One is a collaboration effort between me and a dozen other people. It will be a sort of prelude to ENDOSPORE. It will not be a novel though, so by definition it will be something else. More on that later as the project develops.

The other project I'm working on is my next novel. It will not be a children's book, and it will not be the next Shakespeare adaptation (but give me any suggestions of which one you want done next). It is actually my flagship fantasy series. I know what you are saying out there, you yearning and eager masses! "I thought ENDOSPORE was the flagship series!"

Well, not really.

That would be RAVIN WORLD, the namesake of Ravin Saga itself. But how can it be the flagship without any books written in it? There are book. Three and a half to be exact. But those were the first books I ever wrote and are not worthy to see the light of the Kindle (you know, depending on your model). I have completely replotted this story (yes I am penning the word "replotted" right now. Go ahead an use it. You have my permission). And by story, I mean 10-20 book epic. I'm still working it out, the details of the individual stories, but it is coming along, and it will be glorious!

That's right: glorious. You can take my word for it. I'm a writer. It's okay. It will be a little bit of time before these two projects will be see. Until then, the audiobook for ENDOSPORE is in post production right now and will begin releasing in November or December. Howard has said so, and so it shall be!

Until next time,
Happy Reading
--R. A. Wilson