Sep 22, 2013

Is anybody home?

Hello world, I'm back! Not that I've stepped out of the world by any means. I haven't disappeared in some sort of time warp, nor have I left on a rocket ship. Nope, I just was pretty unconnected to your internets. My smart phone decided it wanted to be a dumb phone, and that was my main source of interwebbiness. So I've been around, just not connected, which is pretty much the same thing to being gone from the world anymore.

Anywho, what have I been doing, the one person who reads these is surely asking me. I've been working at my day job more than anything else. That is not saying I have not been putting the ol' brain to work on fiction. Far from it actually. I am nearly ready to begin work on a brand new trilogy. More on that later, however, as I have not quite began writing the first draft of the first book yet. Almost ready to begin writing though. My actual writing work has been put into my first published book, Endospore.

But... but... that book is already published. Why, prey-tell, are you working on that oh purveyor of awesomely awesomeness?

Well, since you asked so nicely, as I already have stated, that book is being edited. Yeah, work on that has been taking forever to get done. Again, day job, curses! But the real reason more than anything else is that while Endospore is a good novel, it was my first published one (though fifth in writing), and there was a lot in it that people have had issue with. I'm working on resolving those issues and fixing some problems I've had with it myself. That means new content! And professional editing when I'm done. It is taking a while as my time is being unfairly stolen by the dreaded DAY JOB! If only I was willing to be a starving artist, and not a well fed one. But work is proceeding. As for a rerelease, I would guess by X-mass of this year. It will be released as a new title and the old one will be removed from sale about a month before release.

Now, I know some people will ask, "why should I invest into the current one if the new one will be coming in a few months?" Answer: The current edition is discounted down to just $0.99 on Amazon, and when the new edition comes out, it will run for free for five days, in which anyone can pick it up. I will announce the release date a month before when the old copy goes down, and will also announce the exact dates for the free run. The new copy will sell for more than the old one did as well, because of the greater investment in actual cash in editing that is coming directly from my pocket (well, from the publisher, but as I'm 50% owner of the publisher, it's coming from my pocket).

And the final reason to pick up the current edition is this: IT STILL IS A GOOD BOOK. The majority of the people who read it did enjoy it greatly. Only people that got caught up in the mechanics of the editing really had problems with it, which tends to be the minority of readers (they just tend to be the loudest, and with good reason). I agree with issues about mechanics, so I understand many of the complaints, and that is why I'm going through the necessary bits to remedy the issues and rerelease. I hope the final product is something that adds to the overall story for everyone. It certainly is for me.

But thank you to the one person who read all of this. I wish you the best in your future endeavors, and thank you for your support. And as always...

Happy Reading
R.A. Wilson