May 3, 2013

May Updates

If you are counting, Have You Seen My Meow? is in treebook format, and Wal-Mart Book of Ethics Abridged Edition is in treebook format now as well. So what about the other two books I have published, Endospore and The Tragedy of Macbeth: A Novel? They are going to be in print, but first they need to finish being edited.

Endospore is being worked over right now, and when done it will be rereleased on the Kindle and put into print. We're fixing typos and just plain grammar errors, but more than that, I'm making some of the more subtle story points a little more easily understood so there will be less questions left over when someone is done reading the book. I'm not going to be holding people's hands as I find that disrespectful to readers, but many things will be less obscure in the story. And finally MORE SEX. I know, but my wife asked for more. I think this is what she meant. ;-)

It will be out as soon as possible, but my day job is making it difficult to get it done swiftly. And Macbeth will be following shortly after.

Happy Reading
--R.A. Wilson