Dec 16, 2012

It's Hobbitting Time!

So, many of you probably didn't hear about it as it's such a small movie, but this little production known as The Hobbit was released on this last Friday. I had the good fortune that this little known movie happened to come my way to the big city of Yankton SD. My impression of the movie is this: Perfectly what it should be. I've heard critics complain that it does not have the epic scope of the Lord of the Rings, but lets be honest here. The Hobbit is NOT the Lord of the Rings, nor should it be made so. It is a lighthearted book full that carries its sense of humor well. And the movie followed that admirably. I would recommend this movie to anyone who did enjoy the Lord of the Rings, just like I would recommend it to anyone who likes movies... or anyone who breaths, really.

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